1. Arrival Time

If you arrive at school outside the timeframe specified by the school without obtaining prior consent from the school, you will not be able to register.

2. Materials to be submitted

(1) The originals of application materials

Students shall present the original letter of offer, visa application form (JW201/202), physical check record, academic transcripts or qualification certificates etc. in order to be registered. In addition, you also need to provide 8 photos (in accordance with your passport photo).

(2) Fees

Students shall settle all expenses after arriving at school in order to be registered and for application of residence permits.

3. The routes for school arrival

 (1) Route 1 (Jinan Airport)

Zibo (Luzhong Airport Terminal) -- Jinan International Airport (shuttle bus: 20 scheduled trips to an fro respectively per day)
Jinan International Airport--Zhoucun--Zibo (Luzhong Airport Terminal)
Note: A single trip by the shuttle bus via freeway takes about 80 minutes under normal traffic conditions.
The pick-up place at Jinan Airport: Parking P14, opposite Exits No.7 and No.8 of the first floor of the airport terminal building
The return bus stops at: Zhoucun, Century Garden, Oversea Chinese Town, No. 4 Road, west

(2) Route 2 (Qingdao Airport)

Zibo (Luzhong Airport Terminal) <----->Qingdao International Airport
Zibo (Luzhong Airport Terminal) --Qingdao Airport / Linzi Airport Terminal--Qingdao Airport
Qingdao International Airport--Linzi Airport Terminal--Zibo (Luzhong Airport Terminal)
Linzi Airport Terminal--Jinan International Airport
Pick-up at Qingdao Airport: Exit No.1 of the first floor of Qingdao Domestic Airport Terminal
Friendly Tips:
A single trip via freeway to Qingdao takes about 3.5 hours in normal traffic conditions.
The bus company disclaims all responsibilities for delays due to factors such as rain, snow, foggy weather, road closures, traffic congestion or traffic control.
The bus schedule is subject to change without notice. For the most up to date information, please contact:
Linzi Airport Terminal phone: 0533-7199990
Lobby of Qidu International Building B (opposite to the Soccer Museum)
Ticket booking: 7977777; Bus inquiry: 2863699; Airmail: 3161599

(3). Route 3 (Zibo Railway Station)

Take bus routes No.2, 7, 95 and 168 to arrive at SDUT

4. Important Reminder

When you arrive at the apartment of SDUT, the apartment service staff will help you to arrange temporary accommodation. Please remind the service staff to input your personal details into the Accommodation Management System for Foreigners within 24 hours, otherwise you will be in the status of illegal residence. On the following day, please bring all your original application materials to the School of International Education to register for study. Registrations shall be completed within 1 week. Your visa will usually expire within 30 days after you first enter into the territory of China.

5. Other Issues

(1). Contact details

(2). School address
   266 Xincun West Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

(3). For other important information, please visit the website of the School of International Education.